November 20: Universal Children's Day

Psychologists concerned that the violation of the rights of children affects children’s everyday lives, their future and thereby also the common future of our societies in general.

The establishment of a Universal Children’s Day by the UN in 1989 aimed to focus attention on an important issue: Children’s well-being throughout the world.

Prof Margarida Gaspar de Matos from the EFPA Board Promotion and Prevention adds that ‘Psychological knowledge can help to contribute to the building of safe and supporting communities and countries. This concerns many different things to promote integration in society, violence prevention, integrated education and improved health care. Psychological research and practice have developed intervention programs and demonstrated their effectiveness. That is, scientific psychological knowledge and professional practice approaches are available to overcome violations of the rights of children. The European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations requests societies and politicians to use them.’

More on the Universal Children's Day can be found on the website of the United Nations.

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