The Laboratory of Motor Behavior is now one of the laboratories of the Faculty of Human Kinetics of the Technical University of Lisbon. Many master and doctoral students develop their research in this Lab, under the supervision of professors that are specialized in different areas and research tools and designs. The focus of the Motor Behavior Lab is the knowledge about the control of movements. The nature of the processes of change is also an important aspect of this Lab, namely the research about Motor Development and Motor Learning.

We are interested in the development of methods and in the planning of research to elucidate what happens when we plan and execute movements, including the nature of perceptual information that guides movement behavior. We develop research that addresses topics such as the neuromuscular control of fast movements (like the golf swing), the  effects of different schedules of practice, the perceptual guidance of reaching movements, the postural adaptations  and manipulative behavior in special populations, or the coupling effects between team sport players (like rugby union players).

This Lab is also open to the investigation of motor behavior in ecological settings, using methods that were derived from social sciences and observational techniques. In fact, we have a long tradition in the ecological analysis of children’s motor behavior that is now extended to the investigation of ecological constraints to motor development.


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