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Duarte Araújo

Duarte Araújo concluded in 1999, the 1st European Master in Sport Psychology having been the first Portuguese who did it.

His master thesis in dynamic decision making in sport has been done in co-operation with the Free University of Amsterdam – Faculteit der Bewegingswetenschappen.

He is graduated in sport and physical education by the Faculty of Human Movement-Technical University of Lisbon, in 1995, with a term of probation and final thesis in Sport Psychology.

In 1994, he was an Erasmus scholar, in order to study in the Université Claude Bernard – Unité Française de Recherche des Activites Phisiques et Sportives (Lyon, France), with a probation term in Organisational Psychology in sportive context.

Nowadays he is the Assistant of Professor Sidónio Serpa in the domain of Sport Psychology in the Faculty of Human Movement - Technical University of Lisbon. He is working with high level athletes in the ambit of the Sport Psychology Laboratory of this Faculty.

Being a member of the Portuguese Society of Sport Psychology as well as of the International Society of Sport Psychology. He is also an assistant editor of the Editorial Bulletin Board of the International Journal of Sport Psychology.

He has presented several communications in national and international congresses on Sport Psychology.

Having been a Track and Field coach and practitioner is nowadays dedicated to adventure sports like sailing and climbing.

However, beyond the sport ambit he regularly dedicates himself to literature, as well as to music. Another primordial activity is the development of interpersonal interactions throughout all contexts.

He has published articles in the area of Sport psychology, namely about decision making:

Araújo, D. & Rocha, L. (2000). The trainability of decision making in sport: The example of the Portuguese Olympic sailing team. In B. Carlsson, U. Johnson & F. Wetterstrand (Eds.) Proceedings of the Sport Psychology Conference in the New Millenium (pp.94-98) Halmstad, Sweden: CIV, SSHS.

Araújo, D. & Godinho, M. (2000) A acção como incorporação do conhecimento (Action as embodied knowledge). In J. Barreiros, F. Melo & E. Sardinha (Eds.) Percepção & Acção III (pp. 103-135). Ed. FMH.

Araújo, D. & Serpa, S. (1999). Toma de decisión dinámica en diferentes niveles de "expertise" en el deporte de vela (Dynamic decision making in different levels of sailing expertise). Revista de Psicología del deporte, Vol.8, nº1, 103-116.

Araújo, D. (1999). O treino de competências psicológicas em jovens (Psychological skills training for young athletes). Treino desportivo, Especial 2, ano 2, Nov., 22-30.

Araújo, D. & Serpa, S. (1999) Dynamic Decision Making in sport: expertise in sailing. In Hosek, V.; Tilinger, P. & Bilek, L. (Eds.) Psychology of sport and exercise: enhancing the quality of life. Proceedings of the 10th European Congress of sport psychology (part1, pp.68-70). Charles University – FPES; FEPSAC.

    His main research areas:

1) Dynamic decision making and expertise in sport

2) Methodology of psychological training in sport

3) Intentions for exercise behaviours.
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